G’day. I’m an experienced journalist and managing editor based in Melbourne, Australia.

I develop editorial strategies, edit books and newspapers, host podcasts and events, write art direction briefs, direct photo shoots, analyse web traffic, collaborate on digital products, respond to sales briefs and more. If it falls under the banner of print or digital publishing, I’ve probably done it.

Right now I manage four editors at Broadsheet. Our broad portfolio includes Broadsheet’s books, print papers, native app, affiliate marketing, restaurant directory, events section and photo commissioning.

If you’re here seeking editorial coverage of your business or product on Broadsheet, I’m not the droid you’re looking for – this is the page you want. To chat about freelance work, a hosting gig or anything else, send me an email.
Over the past 15 years I’ve written about food, restaurants, travel, technology, fashion, music, fitness, gaming, business and numerous other topics for newspapers, magazines and websites. I’ve never considered myself a specialist writer – the world’s too interesting for that. Here are a few highlights: